Amy Whitaker

“Art and business are central to democracy. What does that mean?”

Author, artist, and entrepreneur Amy Whitaker sat down with Zach and Jackie to talk about the intersections of art, life, creativity, and democracy.


Amy Whitaker is an author, artist, and entrepreneur who is currently an assistant professor of Visual Arts Management at NYU’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development. She teaches at the intersection of business, creativity, and everyday life and thinks that art and business are both vital to democracy.

Quote Preview:

“The whole idea that art has to be big and bold, to me, is part of the myth of artistic genius.” (5:10)

“Everyone was dealing with what I was dealing with, just in a different way… Most people had a duty-bound sense of being practical but also a creative life” (8:36)

“I basically explained the conceptual basis of the market economy to my classmates (at an art school).” (10:40)

“You go to college, you have to invest a lot in your education, you’re thinking about getting your money’s worth and a job after college, and I’m trying to say to people, you know what, all of us, our education, our careers, our lives - they’re all art projects. Like it or not, we’re inventing Point B all the time.” (12:35)

“If Leonardo da Vinci were alive today, what do you think he’d be doing?” (17:11)